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Wei Zhang, Chih-Hao Lu, Melissa L Nakamoto, Ching-Ting Tsai, Anish R Roy, Christina E Lee, Yang Yang, Zeinab Jahed, Xiao Li, Bianxiao Cui, 

Nature Cell Biology, 2023


Chih-Hao Lu*, Ching-Ting Tsai*, Taylor Jones IV, Vincent Chima, Lasse H. Klausen, Wei Zhang, Xiao Li, Zeinab Jahed *, Bianxiao Cui*, Biomaterials Science, 2023


Authors: Zeinab Jahed*, Y Yang*, CT Tsai*, EP. Foster, AF. McGuire, H Yang, A Liu, C Forro, Z Yan, XJ. Ke, M Zhao, W Zhang, X Li, T Li, A Pawlosky , J C. Wu, B Cui. Nature Communications (2022) 


Nanoscale surface topography reduces focal adhesion and cell stiffness by enhancing integrin endocytosis

Authors: X Li, L Klausen, W Zhang, Zeinab Jahed, CT Tsai, T Li; B Cui. Nanoletters (2021). Link 


Exploring cell surface-nanopillar interactions with 3D super-resolution microscopy

Authors: AR. Roy, W Zhang, Zeinab Jahed, CT Tsai, B Cui, W.E. Moerner, ACS Nano (2021) Link

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