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Bione Lab

Our group engineers nano-scale electronic biomaterials for sensing and delivery

Our lab employs a three thrust research approach

Thrust 1


We develop techniques to understand how biological systems interact with nano-electronics . Understanding the complex Nano/Bio interface is a prerequisite for designing electronics that intelligently interface with biological systems. We use a wide variety of tools to characterize how biological systems (such as mammalian and bacterial cells) interface with nanoscale electronics. these techniques include TEM, SEM, fluorescent microscopy and general cell culture.

Thrust 2


We design non-invasive and high-throughput nano-electronic tools for probing and manipulating biological systems at the single cell scale. To accomplish this, we leverage the knowledge obtained from our interfacial studies in Thrust 1. We use a wide variety of micro- and nano-fabrication methods including nano-lithography, mask-less photolithography, wet and dry etching.

Thrust 3


We interpret the data obtained from our nano-electronics using advanced data analytic techniques. Since each measurement using our nano-electronics contains several Gigabytes of information, we employ state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) tools to interpret the large biological datasets obtained from our nano-electronics, with the goal of answering important questions in biology.

Current Projects

Coming soon... 

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