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Sep 17, 2023 

Lab dinner: A refreshing break before the Fall rush!

After a productive summer of experiments, fellowship applications, and hard work, we celebrated the start of a new academic year together.

Jun 25 – Aug 11, 2023 

Summer research for High school Students

Roberto and Monica, two high school students from Mexico, joined our lab as a part of the ENLACE summer program this year. They worked with Dhivya Pushpa Meganathan and were mentored by Leah, Ali, and Shivani to study how shape of a cell's environment affects the way cells grow. We are so grateful for the opportunity to host these talented students. We're so proud of Roberto, Monica, and all of our ENLACE mentors for their hard work and dedication!

01 Aug 2023

Dhivya Meganathan is recognized 2023 ACS Graduate Student Recognition Program

Congratulations to  Dhivya Pushpa Meganathan for being recognized in the ACS Graduate Student Recognition Program for her outstanding leadership. Dhivya's mentorship has positively impacted our undergraduate and master's students, as well as the four high school students she guided during the ENLACE Summer Research Program in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

25 Jun 2023

Summer lab gathering

We celebrated the graduations of Rutuja, Ryan, and Leah, and everyones hard work during the winter and spring quarters. We enjoyed a sunny day outdoors filled with laughter, togetherness, and the joy of celebrating our accomplishments as a team.

     18 Jun  2023

Graduation of our MS students

 Rutuja defended her masters thesis, titled "Electrophysiological and mechanical characterization of iPSC-CMs using a Nano-electrode array and fluorescent nanospheres for cardiotoxicity assessment" She also completed a 10-mile hilly run in La Jolla as a part of her physical challenge before graduating.

Cheers to Ryan as well not only for graduating but also securing a job offer as a process engineer at Atomica. We're cheering for your success. Best wishes to Rutuja and Ryan as they dive into new adventures.

Sep 17, 2023 

Lab dinner: A refreshing break before the Fall rush!

After a productive summer of experiments, fellowship applications, and hard work, we celebrated the start of a new academic year together.


02 May 2023

Milestone Achieved: Shivani Shukla passes the Bioengineering Senate Exam 

Congratulations to Shivani Shukla for passing her Bioengineering Senate exam. She did an excellent job and her committee was very impressed with her presentation. She is our lab's first official PhD candidate!

18 - 22 Feb 2023

67th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

20 Dec 2022


AFOSR Young Investigator Award!

We were selected as a recipient of the 2022 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) young investigator award. The funded project involves advanced Nanotechnology and AI techniques to measure electrical potentials in single neuronal cells to understand neuron communications in health and disease. Big thank you to AFOSR biophysics program for funding our project. Our colleagues Poulikakos Lab and Romero Lab were also among the awardees this year- Go Tritons! Read more here.

13 Dec 2022

Zeinab selected as a 2022 DARPA Riser

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) "risers are up-and-coming standouts in their fields, whose research is related to national security and demonstrates the potential to lead to technological surprise". Zeinab presented the lab's research at the DARPA Forward conference in San Diego on 13 Dec 2022. Read more here.

DARPA Riser_Signature (1).png

10 Dec 2022

Happy Holidays from the BIONE lab!

We gathered to celebrate the end of a successful year; we were awarded our first grant, submitted our first research paper and made exciting discoveries we can't wait to share! The youngest member of the lab also joined the celebrations at 4 months old. 

16 Nov 2022

Dr. Reza Abbasi-Asl's seminar

We hosted a seminar on “Spatio-temporal modeling in neuroscience through interpretable machine learning” by Dr. Reza Abbasi-Asl (Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco).

19 Aug 2022

Dr. Francesca Santora's seminar and lab visit!

We hosted Dr. Francesca Santora's seminar on “In vitro neurohybrid electronics”, visited our lab, and had lab lunch together.


20 Jul 2022

Cancer Research Seed Grant

Our lab was awarded a the Faculty Seed Grant by the Cancer Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC) to develop new ways to study how cancer cells repair their membranes. Thank you CRCC! We are excited to get started on this project.


 June 19 – August 5, 2022

Fostering Future Leaders: High School Pioneers in Research

Our lab thrives on the synergy of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation. Adrian and Angeles, the bright minds we welcomed during the ENLACE Summer 2022 research at UC San Diego, symbolize this ethos. Guided by lead mentor Dhivya Meganathan, their seven-week journey explored nanopillar array electrode fabrication, complemented by mentoring from Rutuja and Ryan in cell culture and staining techniques. Their project, "Nano-patterned surfaces for manipulating cell and nuclear shape," embodies their significant contribution to our research realm.

05 Jun 2022

Abel admitted to UC Berkeley

Abel successfully completed his physical challenge by running the rock and roll half marathon in San Diego before heading to UC Berkeley for his masters. Congratulations Abel!

05 Jun 2022

Celebrating Lab achievements

The Bione lab celebrated the end of the spring quarter and several accomplishments: Ali and Ryan passing their qualifying exams, Abel successfully graduating, and all lab members making progress on their projects and doing awesome science and engineering. Congratulations everyone!

14 Apr 2022

Jacobs School's 40th annual Research Expo symposium

Our Ph.D. students, Dhivya Pushpa Meganathan (on the left) presented a poster entitled “Invitro assessment of drug-induced cardiotoxicity through simultaneous measurement of action potentials and contractile forces of human cardiomyocytes” and Shivani Shukla (on the right) presented a poster entitled “Studying cellular functions using Nanoelectrode arrays”at UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering’s 40th annual Research Expo, April 14, 2022

02 Apr 2022

Day at La Jolla Shores beach

We celebrated the end of a busy Winter quarter with some games and lab lunch at La Jolla shores beach. 

27 May 2022

Student choice seminar by Dr. Zeinab

Professor Dr. Zeinab Jahed was invited by the Graduate Society of NanoEngineers to deliver a seminar, chosen by students, where she presented on the topic of 'Nano-Electronics for Sensing and Manipulation of Biological Processes' at the SME, UCSD

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